Why a Caddy Girl?



1 ) To hurt the guys you are betting against- We’re ideal for distracting and poking fun at your buddies on the green!

2 ) To do all of the things you are too lazy to do- We all know you don’t feel like fixing those divots and raking sandtraps.

3 ) To make yourself look really cool and envied by other golfers- Men love to “show off” not only golfing skills, but their amazing caddies.

4 ) Pure entertainment- We are so FUN, some of us even do back flips on the back nine and bring Golf Trivia games!

5 ) Service- Everyone wants their balls and clubs washed by a professional!

6 ) The View- Sometimes a beautiful course just isn’t enough…

7 ) We are the BEST and ONLY- We only hire the smartest, most outgoing, and attractive girls- we are NOT an online database hiring just anyone.

8 ) Fun Company- Driving in a cart from hole to hole listening to our bad jokes is great!

9 ) To prevent drunk driving- We are excellent cart drivers and promote proper course etiquette!

10 ) To get your beers- Who wants to wait two hours for the beer cart lady?

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