Caddy Girl Reviews

It’s fun to have feedback sometimes and especially since you were not there, let me tell you that we had a lot of fun with your caddies Liz, Sara and Erin? (not sure of the spelling….she had some pink in her hair and I think it was her first day). BTW, it was at the Legends on Sept. 30. My friends never saw it coming! Hope you’ll be available when we’ll be in MB next year!

Take care!
Phil, Canada

Just to let you know, we had a great time with with Crystal, Olympia and Rachel. My group was very surprised.

William, OH

By far the most fun round all week with us forgetting how to hit a golf ball the moment you two show up. Loved the gambling on the back nine good thing I didnt’ have to shotgun any more beers that day.

Chris, Canada

I just wanted to thank Meghan for a great day of golf on 6/8 at Myrtlewood. Matt, Bobby and I had a great time. Looking forward to our next trip to the beach! 


We had a great time. Thanks, I will recommend your service to frieds who come down. After all Lynee was there for my first hole-in-one.