Do I pay before the booking or after?

To ensure your reservation you can reserve your caddies online at our website or over the phone with a credit card. You also have the option to pay in full that day before the round begins. All tipping is preferred to be cash, given at the end of the round.

Do we need to get additional golf carts?

It all depends really on the starter. Most courses let us squeeze into a cart if they are large enough. Some however only allow two to a cart. This means if you book one caddy for a foursome, you will need three carts. This is customary and the girl will rotate what carts she drives every 3-4 holes.

What do you wear?

Golf attire! What else? Actually we have to follow golf course guidelines, so we keep it clean and professional. However our outfits are still flattering and super cute with a simple collared shirt, skirt, and the TCG knee socks. You may see many pictures on our website in less attire or swimsuits. This is solely for modeling promotions we staff or for the TCG Swimsuit Calendar.

What courses do you caddy at?

Since we keep our image professional and are actually trained caddies, our services are widely accepted everywhere. We do have some favorites, but have caddied at over fifty courses throughout the Carolinas.

What do you do on the green?

I suppose people ask this because they have never had a female caddy…? We do the same thing a boy caddy would do, yet we look MUCH better doing it! If the course or tournament allows walking, we walk and carry bags. However, most of the courses here focus on volume and do not allow walking, so we forecaddie, carrying your clubs to and from you, keeping an eye on your ball, cleaning your clubs, driving carts, fixing divots, reading putts, tending the pin, finding the beer cart lady for you.

Cart Fees?

99% of the time, the starters will allow the caddies to take a cart without charge but we have experienced during the high season or when the course is full, the course WILL charge an average of $25 per cart. This fee is the responsibility of the golfer and not TCG’s or the caddie. This extra charge is NOT included in the caddie fees.

Can You Guarantee Caddies?

Unfortunately, we cannot 100% guarantee the caddies but we do try our very best, especially if the booking is a few weeks out. Usually, if golfers like to select the caddies prior to the round, we will ask for the golfers to select their caddies with the addition of a few alternatives.

Calling The Golf Course?

Please do NOT call the golf course prior to your tee time to discuss or make arrangements for the caddies. The TCG’s have agreements with the majority the the Myrtle Beach courses already in place. Once you book your caddies, the TCG’s will confirm with the course that caddies will be with your group. If you have any questions, please ask your TCG sales representative at the time of booking.